Drill-Machine DSK 3000 Compact

DStandard equipment - Versions Boot, simple disc and double disc:

- hydraulic row marker
- platform side
- Wheel independent transmission
- Rear bar lights and signs

Main optional accessories - Versions Boot, simple disc and double disc:

- Electronic indicator level seed
- electronic hectare
- Tram-line





General Features - version to boot::

Model               3000 Compact
Working width             Mt. 3.00
Transport width           Mt. 3.15
Capacity of the hopper seed         Lt. 1400
length             Mt. 3.50
height               Mt. 2.20
Standard number of lines           20
Maximum number of lines           24 - 12,5cm
approximate weight           Kg. 2250
power requirement             KW 100/120


Depth adjustment wheel double disc with stabilizer